Saturday, September 5, 2015

Waffle Wednesdays

My kids love waffles.  Until very recently, they would enjoy the ready-made ones by McVities.  They would have them as a snack for school and sometimes for breakfast.  But a quick label read shocked me at how much sugar they packed (9% of daily intake!).

Lately, I've been getting involved more into their breakfast preparation.  Usually, they wake early and ask for a cheese sandwich, cereal, or waffles and it would be prepared by the nanny.  I hated that.  But due to the morning rush and the fact that I didn't have time what with getting ready for work, preparing my lunch...etc, I was forced to leave the breakfast part of their day in the hands of the help. 

But mom guilt combined with my nutrition awakening meant that I took matters into my own hands and for the past week, I shifted my routine around to be able to prepare breakfast for the kids.  So now eggs are breakfast for one day, cereal/granola for another, sandwich...etc.  I ensure they have some fruits with their meal and that they leave the house with a happy and full tummy.