Friday, June 12, 2015

Rainbow for Food

Not only is color beautiful, but it also means the food you're about to enjoy contains a magnitude of nutrients and minerals.

So when you're shopping for groceries, go for color and you're all set!

The Awakening

It's no secret that I am an advocate to healthy cooking and using less oil.  So naturally I opted for a cooking product that was calorie- and fat-free - hi Pam.

But lately, I had an epiphany.  I read the label.  I almost always read labels but for products like Pam, when historically, I read them in so many recipes and even saw them being used sparingly in cooking shows, I took the content for granted.

What I found online resulted in a typhoon of emotions: shock, disgust, fear, disappointment.  And the resulting action? I disposed of these IMMEDIATELY.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Uprising That is Artifact

I found out about this amazing service from my friend, @rshrsho, who published her beautiful photographs on their wood calendar.

When I received my calendar, I was impressed with everything!  The quality of the paper, the print clarity, even the smooth mechanics of the clip - I could tell that this was the real deal.