Monday, May 11, 2015

Pores? What pores?

So I have pores.  And I hate them.  I tried every remedy, ice-cubes to rubbing alcohol.   But honestly, nothing works.  I'm born with them and they won't go away.  And I have accepted that.

But with makeup and especially if you are going for a flawless complexion, they need to disappear. And fast.

In comes this amazing product that makeup and skincare manufacturers are starting to take notice. Pore minimizers.

Their aim is to eliminate your pores.  Immediately and very temporarily.  So basically, you wipe them off with your makeup.

I tried and tested 3.

And I really tried and I really tested.  I tried each product for about a month. Really gave it a chance to shine (or not).  So here's my take.