Friday, June 5, 2015

The Uprising That is Artifact

I found out about this amazing service from my friend, @rshrsho, who published her beautiful photographs on their wood calendar.

When I received my calendar, I was impressed with everything!  The quality of the paper, the print clarity, even the smooth mechanics of the clip - I could tell that this was the real deal.

It was made at a place called Artifact Uprising. There are many services out there doing photo books etc, but what  impressed about these guys is the superb finishing and quality.

The website was a breeze - easy to navigate, inspiring images, and a beautiful variety of displaying your most memorable photographs.  Most importantly, you can use your different levels of quality and then size will be adjusted accordingly.

I made the mistake however of using the app and you can only print one type of photo book on the app. Fortunately I printed one photo book so it wasn't a huge loss. 

But let me tell you - the quality was great.

Here's an inspiration: try to do one photo book a month of a special occasion (birthdays, school, holidays) and each year you'll have a dozen beautifully-designed memories.  

Check them out here - you won't regret it. 

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