Thursday, March 19, 2015

Heaven in a Kettle

I am addicted to coffee.  American, Italian, French, Turkish - you name it, I crave it.

The one coffee I consistently fail at is our very own Arabic coffee (or gahwa).  I tried the best grinds, the most fail-proof methods, and even different cooking utensils - all failed.

Enter Yatooq.  A young, GCC-grown business, they saw a need for making Arabic coffee easy.  I saw their products stocked at a local Alosra supermarket but I believe you can buy them online as well as on the Talabat app.

Side note: I bought mine from Alosra at a relatively higher price than what it's sold for on Talabat and I am kinda bummed.

I use their own grind and let me tell you - it is amazing.  I tried this on several willing volunteers, family, colleagues, and of course, myself, and time and time again, the coffee is a hit.

It is so easy to make, it literally takes minutes to cook and then you can set the timings of brewing (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes).  I have never gone beyond 10 minutes and the gahwa is flawless.

This is seriously becoming my favorite appliance of 2015.

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