Monday, January 5, 2015

A Mean Sandwich

Sometimes, all you need is a quick, homemade sandwich that feels gourmet and tastes like a franchise.

And more than often, you find that a simple condiment can actually make (or break) this sandwich.  This post is dedicated to that condiment.

A few nights ago, my husband and I were in the mood for a juicy chicken breast sandwich.  We grabbed some pre-marinated chicken breasts (lemon pepper chicken) from Alosra and he fired up our grill.

Meanwhile, I started prepping in the kitchen.

First, grab 2 wholewheat ciabatta bread rolls, cut them in half and toast in a pre-heated oven.

As the bread toasts, slice 1 tomato and 1 ripe avocado.

Next make the sauce.  Hello there...

Here's what you need for the sauce:
And, the secret "what is that?" factor...

And that is it.  Mix in 2 parts yogurt and 1 part mayo with a squirt of hot sauce.  Mix well until it is incorporated.

By then, the bread should be ready and so should the chicken.  Now we assemble:




More greens:

Squirt some mustard on the other side and add on the grilled chicken:

And that's it!  Seal and slice in half.  Enjoy!

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