Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's a Family Affair

A few weeks ago, I invited family over to my house for lunch. Nobody can deny that when the temperature drops in Bahrain, the weather is just beautiful and everything shifts outdoors.

So al-fresco it is!

Imagine this. 30-people, men and women, with different tastes and dietary needs.  I wanted it to be a special affair so

Let me tell you how easy it was to pull this off.  I depended on key people that took care of the A to Z of the day.

First off, some pictures to help you visualize.

Pretty right?

I wanted something simple, elegant, and not over the top.  I also wanted to stress-less at how 'perfect' everything had to look and enjoy the company - which I did.

First things first, the flowers.  I wanted a simple arrangement on each table, and a few more elaborate ones scattered around the house.  I also needed chocolate that was both delicious and classic.  No other place in Bahrain caters to both these requirements other than Alia Flowers.  I went to the Riffa branch and as usual, they delivered up to their standard.  The green flowers are fresh (in clear vase) and from Alia Flowers.  The other white vase contains plastic plants (I got both the vase and plant from Ikea).

The placemats are completely hand- and home-made.  This is simple lace, bought from a fabric store, and cut out in squares.  I would have opted for a rectangular placemat but with round tables, square placemats work better.  The runners are linen and were made at a neighborhood tailor.  The cutlery holders were also made at the tailor and a napkin was tucked into each holder.  These ideas aren't originally mine, I was inspired on Pinterest when I searched for simple outdoor dinner (my inspirations here and here ).

Let's take a step back and see how the tables were set up.

I went for 3-round tables with 10-chairs each.  I love these acrylic Chiavari chairs.  I rented them from Aldheyafa Hospitality.  I use them frequently and rent almost everything - heaters and even plateware.  And for this lunch, I hired the waitresses and let me tell you - they were courteous, on time, and super attentive.

Let's take another step back and see how it all pans out.

So - setup signed, sealed, delivered.

Next, the food.  I went to Lilou 2 weeks prior, planned the menu, went back a day later, handed over my plates, and walked out.  They delivered the food in the most presentable manner (of course, it's Lilou after all) with clearly labelled bowls containing sauces and such.

The entrees were laid out on the main table.

The salads were laid out on the side table, like so.

For dessert, I ordered Lilou's most popular in individual cups - beats the hassle of serving - and they were a perfect end to the meal.

All in all - it was a great day and everything from setup to food was impeccable.

What inspires your parties?

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