Friday, October 24, 2014

Something's cooking in the kitchen...

A few months ago, I found an interesting message in my inbox.  An invitation to take part in a new online community.  A community driven by the love of cooking.  Who can say no to that?

I was asked to develop several recipes that really showed off the use of healthy, good-for-you oil.  In this part of the world, we are accustomed to using oil for frying - and that's about it.  

With health-consciousness on the rise - oil has been taken out of the equation and pushed way back into the pantry. 

I wanted to incorporate oil in a healthy way and in recipes you wouldn't usually consider using oil for like chocolate-banana-marble cake (recipe here) or strawberry shortcake (recipe here).

And since Noor oil is free from saturated fats, using it meant enjoying the benefits and not the side-effects.  Read some interesting facts about sunflower oil here.

Over the next few posts, I will share with you some of my all-time favourite recipes. 

First up, in this picture, I am preparing red quinoa with chicken and feta cheese (recipe here).  This is a delicious, healthy and super light meal prepared in less than half an hour.  The film crew enjoyed every bite!

Try it out and it will easily become your favourite meal.

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