Friday, May 23, 2014

A Hidden Sanctuary

Massage is good for the soul.  It's good for the heart, for your well-being, and last but not least, your sanity.  In Bahrain, it's bad for your wallet.  To get a decent massage, you have to dish out around 30 dinars.  For an amazing one, BD50 and above!  Who needs massages?

Frankly, I do.  Life's strenuous pressures reflect in your body in the most painful aches and sprains.  Stiff neck? Doc will say it's because of stress.  Shoulder aches? Stress.  Back aches?  Stress!

So where does one have to go for a decent massage that won't set me back BD50++?

I heard of a little haven in Bukawara (of all places).  For those not familiar with Bukawara, it is one of the most obnoxious local shopping streets in Bahrain.  Loud cars, bustling shops, and a street I avoid at all costs.  So imagine my dismay when I found out Tuina is located right off Bukawara.

I called for an appointment Saturday morning, mustered up my patience and drove.  Fortunately, the street was empty and getting to the spa was easy.  The place is pretty tiny but oh so pretty.

The effort, care, and taste is so very evident in this little haven.  You can hardly hear the noise outside nor even realize you are where you are.  I was greeted with a friendly receptionist who called the masseuse.  Two steps and you're in the massage room (it's that tiny). 

I need to make something clear - it's tiny but not to the extent that you feel claustrophobic - in fact, it's cozy and makes you feel 'together'.

I went for a Balinese massage, which was, to me, the right amount of pressure.  It was, how you say, amazing! Relaxing, consistent pressure, perfect temperature, and quiet.  I opted for the 60-minute session and I was charged BD15!

The services vary from 15-minute sessions to 90-minute massage fests and prices are shown below.  I apologize for the glare - but I had just woken up from the most relaxing massage-nap that I did not notice the glare until now.
I've been there a total of 4 times in the past 6 weeks (that's when I first found out about Tuina) and I plan on going there a lot more times.  

Discover this hidden gem and you'll be hooked.
PS I was often asked if I am 'reimbursed' for these reviews and I would like to clarify that I do not.  I go at my own free will and write about the experiences I go through because I want to.

The details:
Hours are Saturday to Thursday, 10am to 9:30pm
Call them at 77044470 or book through whatsapp on 38357698.
Home services are available at great prices as well.

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