Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Certified Fitologist

suck·er punch
noun: suckerpunch
an unexpected punch or blow

And that is precisely what she did.

New to the fitness scene, she set the bar high - figuratively and literally. 
Manal Alzayani left a career in banking to pursue her new found passion of fitness.  Following her heart, she joined the European Institute of Fitness in Lilleshall - UK, and got certified to become a Master Personal Trainer, Fitness, Motivation and lifestyle Coach. She created Fitology-bh and kick-started her new life. More about her here
I tried several options for working out,  I still do my at home videos and outside runs, but I needed a trainer to push me to the edge. To elevate my heartbeat into a euphoric trance and burn those damn persistent calories. 

Seeing Manal's excitement at moving forward in her new career,  I immediately signed up with her. And let me tell you, it's been one amazing ride. I finish one month Sunday and I can say, loud and proud, that my fitness levels have clearly increased. 

I opted for the 8-session package with 2 sessions per week. I was told that all I needed were good sneakers, a heart-rate monitor, and a mat. Oh, and space.  She brings her own equipment, and designs a different workout for each session.  
She mixes things up so that there is no way you can get bored or even anticipate the next move. Just like a sucker-punch. 

This mean machine was created for results. Targeting more than one area at a time, it feels like fire - and the burn lasts for 2 days after. 
One thing I look forward to every session is boxing. We do several sets per session and let me tell you, the stress relief I gain is unfathomable.  The cardio levels achieved with boxing  are sky high, and it is the quickest way to shape up arms. 

Float like a butterfly. 
I am renewing my training with her for another month, and probably another one and another. 

She's a keeper. 

More info:
Instagram and Twitter: @manal_alzayani

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