Sunday, October 20, 2013

Zealous for Zoe's

A few weeks ago I got to try Zoe's new menu with 3 of my best friends.  I am sad to admit that the last time I was at Zoe was yeaaaaars ago.  Walking in, I was taken aback with the rush of memories and tantalizing flavors they resurrected.

The place looks well-maintained and I even saw some familiar faces still working at the restaurant.  Loyal staff only means one thing - they are running a solid business.

We were seated at our booth (hello nostalgia!) and given menus.  Impeccable service so far - but who's surprised?  This is one of Alghalia's first restaurants and although the crowds are different - the quality is still the same.

Between the four of us, our starters where: 

The tomato soup was really delciious, although we did note that it was very 'cuminy' - which was overpowering.  The carpaccio was divine - juicy and delicate with a citrus sauce - something I would definitely order again. The roquette salad (not pictured) was a classic take at the jarjir salad except it had roasted apples which was really delicious. The clam chowder, and I quote, was "very fishy". 

The portion size was hearty and we started feeling full very quick.

For our entrees, we ordered 3 steaks (I know how exciting right?) and the surf'n'turf.  The surf'n'turf, according to my friend, "...had so much shrimp! I've never seen so much shrimp served in a restuarant!"  This was so refreshing.  Often, you get 3 and a half shrimps, none of which are in equal size.  At Zoe, they serve them juicy and in numbers.  I counted 12 in the picture below.  The paella was good as well  and a good compliment to the dish.

The steaks were - simply put - amazing.  The portion size was as large as they were delicious.  So much so we couldn't even finish the steaks.  I never leave meat behind - never.  But we were genuinely full.

Fast forward 10 minutes...

Although we could barely breathe after engulfing that feast - there is always room for dessert.  The chocolate pudding was heavenly, the fondant was decadent, and the lemon tarte was a tad tart for my liking - but my friends really enjoyed it.

All in all, the menu is a refreshing revamp but still kept the some of the classics.  It's a great outlet and if you haven't been there for a while it's definitely worth checking out.

To reserve, call 17 716 400.

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