Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When Thank You is Not Enough

As the school year comes to a bitter-sweet end, we reminisce on how our children started off their year and how they ended it.  Scared and unsure at first, happy and confident they became.

When my 2-year old started preschool, he cried every single day for an entire month.  Like clockwork.  Day in day out.  On the 31st day, he suddenly stopped crying.  Few months down the line, he would run out of the house to the car, carrying his lunch bag and excited to go to 'schoo'.  My 5-year-old didn't have that issue but she was uncertain at first, and in no time she was accustomed to her friends and teachers.

The twinkle in their eye, the excitement to go every day (hope it never ends), and the love they have for the school and teachers is evident.

And whether it is their job or not, I owe this all to their teachers.

So gifting them may not necessarily be appropriate to some but sometimes you want to go that extra step - to recognize the effort and care they showed your most precious legacy.   The transition I witnessed my kids go through is short of being amazing. And I believe that deserves some sort of explicit gratitude

I don't believe in gifting expensive gifts, but rather, sentimental ones.  Ones that (hopefully) would bring a smile to that teacher's mouth when she sees it and remembers my son's cheeky character or my daughter's adorable "ith" instead of "if".

I opted for indoor plants with a sentimental message of "thank you for helping me grow".

Or if you rather do something homemade, bake some yummy treats and pack them with your child.  These cookies my son actually helped me bake and when he took a bite out of the baked result he was ecstatic.  It brings joy to both the giver and taker. Double-win.

Sometimes the little things matter the most.  An unexpected thank you.  A thoughtful gesture.

It goes a long way...

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