Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Little Things

Online shopping - where customer truly is King.

Friday night I bought a dress for my daughter from an online US store.  I asked for 2nd day shipping because I was in a hurry for the dress.  I kept waiting for an email notification to say the order has been shipped but 2 days later - still nothing.  So I dropped them an email and said it's been weeks since my order was placed and I really need to know when the order would ship out.  Yes, I said weeks in error when I only meant days.  I also realized after sending the email that it was their weekend and their offices were closed.

There was no way to recall my email and at that point one of my brats walked in and my attention was lost.

Fast forward Monday evening, I get an email notification saying $25 was credited to my paypal account.  I check the source and it is that online store.  I email them and say I received notification that I was refunded $25 and can you please elaborate...  I get a reply shortly after with the following:

"   ...The $25.00 credit you received was for your next day shipping charge for order #XXX.  This credit was issued due to your order not being received within the appropriate timeframe.  We once again sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you.    "

I was stupefied.  Dumbfounded.  Flabbergasted. 

Not only did they not justify that the order was placed on a weekend, nor did they correct my error in saying weeks instead of days, but they just refunded me the entire shipping amount I paid. With no obligations.They were apologetic with no fine print.

I told about 5 of my friends of this incident and the website probably gained them all.  They definitely gained my patronage and I will be shopping even more frequently there.

What businesses in this part of the world fail to realize sometimes is that the little things make a MASSIVE impact.  They may cost very little but the impact snowballs and does wonders for the business's image.  And guess what - it is completely free!

And for me to be dumbfounded by a simple gesture that is probably a norm in the US - just shows you how our expectations (and standards) are ridiculously low in Bahrain. 

There are so many gestures businesses can do to rectify an error, please an upset customer, or just gain more respect out of a clearly 'mistaken' customer.  Cost is 0 but return on investment is infinite.

So listen up businesses - we can be easily pleased and all it takes is a random act of niceness.  And we will be hooked forever.

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