Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tangle Teezer Review

I first read about this on My2Thumz and was intrigued.

Brushing my daughter's hair is a constant AWWWW OOOH MAMAAAAA STOPPPPPPPP.  This brush promises to detangle in the least amount of pain - SOLD!

I ordered it online but I know that there are some resellers in Bahrain . I bought the Original Professional Salon Elite hairbrush for me ($18) and the Kids Flowerpot for my daughter ($30).

The packaging is simple.  The brushes feel awkward at first because you tend to be accustomed to holding the 'stick' part of the brush and gripping a brush in its entirety was foreign to me.

I ordered sparkly purple for me (don't ask - I didn't like the other colors available on Amazon) and for Sama a cute pink flower pot than when opened can act as a small compartment for hair scrunchies and whatnot.

The Sama test:
She was fascinated with the brush.  The attractive colors and the fact that she now has a little treasure box to stash her endless knickknacks was a definite plus.  Brushing it at first felt like I wasn't brushing at all.  The bristles are soft and did not tug at her tangles - which meant no whining!  Brushing from the roots was easy but I did feel that I had to brush more frequent just to get the tangles out.  Since this is a subtle approach to detangling (as opposed to the conventional yanking) - the task of hair brushing took a bit longer than usual.

The second time I tried the brush I required the help of our trusty leave-in. It was easier using a conditioner and the short bristles didn't have to do any intensive brushing.
I also found that she likes to brush her hair purely for the fact that it's a fun design and is easy for her to hold and use.  I've had it a little over 2 weeks and we haven't resorted to the conventional brush yet.  So far we are loving this.

The harsh Zain test:
I like it - kinda.  It's not made for lefties and products that don't consider us lose my respect.  I mean, a slanted product that fits and feels better in a right hand instead of a left one is pretty insensitive right?
Having said that - I continued with the trial and liked the result.  Again, the brush was painless but I found tangles needed some extra work - when compared to a conventional brush.  The Tangle Teezer approach was more holistic (if that makes sense), soft, gentle and painless.  It also didn't result in a lot of lost hair which is great. The bristles are soft and short and really feel nice on the scalp.

Like Sama's brush, I am still using it and haven't switched to my good ol' paddle brush.  I will continue to use it until it stops working.

I would reckon these brushes would not be so easy to use with very curly or long hair as your arms will give up on you for sure.

But I do recommend it for kids and adults but bear in mind if you are a left it might feel a bit off and the task of brushing will take a little longer than you are used to.

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