Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From Photos to Art - An Easy Transition

A little over a month ago I started hearing about (previously  It was creating some serious buzz on social networks and I was intrigued.

It was launching end of April, promising to give customers a great experience.

I had always wanted to print my instagram pictures but was wary of the shipping costs I would have to cough up if I order from

So, as they promised, was live and kicking on April 30 - with a 30% discount to whoever orders that day and a delivery within the week.  Great!

Keep on reading as I have a surprise in-store...

I logged on (Tuesday April 30), linked my instagram account in 2 seconds and immediately could browse through my gallery. I selected 6 canvases and after customizing my selection, I navigated to the payment page (major payments accepted including paypal) and I was set! Shipping within Bahrain is free.

The email confirmation I received said I would be sent a proof within a couple of days and true to their word - I got a proof the very next day (Wednesday).  I love when a business pays close attention to detail and this one set the bar high - one the canvas proofs came with a suggestion! actual human was on the other side reviewing orders and recommending - how awesome!

On Monday, I received the most interesting shipment confirmation email ever.  I am an online shopping addict and got accustomed to the boring, mechanical, robot-like emails confirming my order has shipped.  This was one was so well-thought of and even though it was sent to all customers, it made ME feel super-special. Here's a snapshot of the email:

The entire Tuesday morning was spent updating/refreshing the tracking page (well, not entirely).  Aramex was handling the order and well...let's just say I tend to choose other couriers.  I won't go any further with this but let me say that the moment I tweeted my discontent - Yazin,'s founder called me within minutes and asked for a clarification.  Such quick responses are almost unheard of these day and from the very start - I was impressed with the customer service.  Attentive, quick and professional. Fast forward unnecessary details, Aramex finally delivered the canvases and oh my gosh.  They turned out just as I imagined.

Here's a picture timeline in chronological order:
Hello white box
The unveil
A note and...

Nails! How thoughtful!
Each canvas came with a 100 year guarantee card and unique serial number

Signed, sealed and delivered

Sturdy metal wire
To the wall!

One of the canvases I received had a teeny-tiny negligible smudge. Although I tend to be OCD sometimes I actually didn't stress too much about it.  I got an email from asking for opinion, recommendations...etc and I told them about the smudge.  Next day I get another call from Yazin asking me where to deliver the replacement. IMAGINE.  I felt <> this small.  Humbled by the tremendous care shown by this business.  I am genuinely flabbergasted.

Okay.  So I know you are all pretty psyched and want to start ordering your canvases - and I don't blame you.  So just to thank you for being such cool readers and to encourage this local startup, order your canvases and get 15% off your order.  Fifteen percent.  One fiver.  GO FOR IT.

Click the link below to immediately activate the discount.

Alternatively, you can use this coupon ZAINZBLOG (enter it at checkout) and the discount will apply.  Fine print: discount valid for 1 month so no excuses, order your canvases now.  I make nothing out of this by the way - just encouraging a local startup.

Okay.  I am done yapping.  Please visit now and place your order.  The canvases are beautiful.  They last. And whatever picture you print and hang - it will bring that memory back and make you smile.

Additional info:
Twitter: @canvasBH

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Zain! It's reviews like this that make us love what we do even more.