Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hot with a capital CH.

Lately I've been adding this little delectable morsel to everything I eat.  I order it extra when I'm out, and sneak it in whatever it is I am preparing at home - as long as the kids don't take a bite.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

From Photos to Art - An Easy Transition

A little over a month ago I started hearing about (previously  It was creating some serious buzz on social networks and I was intrigued.

It was launching end of April, promising to give customers a great experience.

I had always wanted to print my instagram pictures but was wary of the shipping costs I would have to cough up if I order from

So, as they promised, was live and kicking on April 30 - with a 30% discount to whoever orders that day and a delivery within the week.  Great!

Keep on reading as I have a surprise in-store...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This is for all the ladies: Get Your Glow On!

On an errand recently in Riffa, I came across a unique concept called On The Glow.  Basically, it's a medi-spa that offers nonsurgical services to enhance a woman's beauty by high-end technologies.  The girls working at On The Glow took me on a tour.

They've been open since last summer but have just started promoting themselves since the medi-spa concept is still pretty new to Bahrain.

You can tell the place has been designed with effort and an attention to detail - subtle colors, soothing layout, and friendly staff.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cooking with Jamie

A series of kitchen events: Part 2
I finally gave this baby a try.  And boy it was so easy!

I tried the recipe I posted earlier and it was so easy and delicious - my test audience (my kids) LOVED EVERY SINGLE BITE.  I write in CAPS because they have started to develop a taste of their own and do actually dictate what kind of ingredients go into their food.  "Nothing greeeeeeen Mama" or "nothing bumpy".  So yeah - I am thrilled when they like a dish I make.

The ingredients are pretty basic - but the end result is perfection.  Thank you Jamie Oliver.  I won't go into the details (recipe here) but basically you need: aubergines, garlic, basil, dried oregano, canned tomatoes, red wine vinegar (I was out of white), pasta, olive oil, and salt'n'pepper.