Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review: Melt - A modern eatery

I recently paid a visit to a new restaurant called Melt.  Located on the busy street of West Riffa, this place stood out.  The signage was pretty, the building clean, and the outdoor  seating was of good quality - the attention to detail was evident.

The road is under some ridiculous construction so getting there was a pain, but my husband managed to go around the building and parked at the back.

Initially we had wanted to dine al fresco, but as we were walking to the restaurant, we noticed the street noise, the obnoxious drivers revving their engines, and the construction site - all of which discouraged us from our initial dining intent.
Outside dining area

We walked in and noticed quite a lot of people - some were flipping through the menus and some were ordering at the till.  There was seating upstairs but we decided to just order takeaway.

We flipped through the menu and I must say I was impressed.  Expecting to see the usual subs, wraps and burgers - this place put some serious thought into the dishes they served and they all sounded exquisite.

My husband and I settled for (sharing) the melt-down burger (3 or 4 cheeses), edamame taboula, coriander garlic fries, fajita shawarma and the Fererro Rocher Cheesecake and 2 drinks.  The order was handled extremely well - the guy who took our order was familiar with the menu and we were done in less than a minute.  The bill was a bit on the highside - around BD14.  The quinoa salad was 3.4, burger was 3.4, shawarma was 1.5 and the rest on the fries, drinks and dessert.  I was half expecting to wait a long time for our order (since they have just opened) but it was was ready in about 10 minutes - great kitchen management.

We ate at home so the food wasn't as warm as I would like it to be.  So, here's my take on our dinner:

The fries were heavenly.  They were cold and still tasted good so I can only imagine how delicious they would taste hot.

The fajita shawarma was delicious - pricey but delicious (BD1.5).  Slightly spicy with some guacamole - it was really good. 

The burger was disappointing.  The meat (and you can tell from the picture here) was overcooked and dry, the meat actually crumbled as I took a bite, and the bread was a bit stale.  The three cheeses were really good and I can tell they were of good quality.  Again, this burger cost BD3.4 which is way above your average price.  I would have liked to be asked how I like my burger and maybe it would have turned out to my liking (I like my burgers medium).

The salad was DELICIOUS.  It had perfectly cooked quinoa, beetroot and crunchy edamame.  The dressing was tangy and refreshing, and the ingredients used really complimented each other.  One recommendation would be chop the beetroot into smaller pieces so that they blend nicely with the other vegetables. This is a salad I will definitely order again (it was BD3.4).

Last but not least the dessert.  Two heavenly bites of smooth cheesecake with the undeniable taste of Fererro Rocher.  These were a beautiful end to our dinner.

All in all, I will definitely go to Melt again.  Wishing them all the best.  Support this Bahraini business folks.

Contact info:
Instagram: @melt_bh
Call them on +973 17499900 
FourSquare click here
Location: Sh. Hamad Avenue, West Riffa.


  1. I saw it yesterday as I was passing by in that area (the road works were kind of hellish to get around!) but it looked inviting even with all the mess around it. Thank you for sharing with us such a honest review! I might check it out soon since most of my instagram timeline are raving about the place. :)

  2. Giving you a heads up... They launched a new menu today ;)