Wednesday, March 27, 2013

¡Hola Breakfast Burrito!

My entire family is obsessed with breakfast burritos.  It was one big accident really.  One night I was planning on making fajitas for dinner and changed my mind.  The next morning I had an unopened pack of soft tortillas and I wanted to jazz up our breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, a slice of good quality cheese, a dash of freshly ground pepper (no salt as cheese is salty) and voila! A breakfast burrito.  I grill it on a sandwich press for a while until the cheese melts and the grill marks show.  Trust me - you want to eat it warm.

And if you're out of dinner ideas then the breakfast burrito can easily become a dinner burrito.

In short, this really is a perfect meal.  Nutritious, delicious, and made in 4 minutes flat.

The brand I use is Old El Paso and you can find it in most grocery stores.  I recently found a wholewheat version and believe it or not it did not taste like cardboard!  If your supermarket is out, then check out the freezer section as they often have local frozen brands - smaller in size but quite delicious.

You can really go creative with this meal and fillings can be based on the contents of your refrigerator. These are some popular fillings in my household: turkey, japaleno colby cheese and a drizzle of mustard; sharp cheddar cheese and tomatoes; or provolone with olives.

Bon Appetit!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

No More Changes - I Promise

Well, not for a while anyway.

So..yeah, changed my blog's look'n'feel - again.  Sorry about that.  I'm not indecisive usually.  But I wanted something that reflected me and the colors I like - the previous one was alright but loud.  A bit like my life but not as obnoxious.

You will also notice my blog's URL! I am now the proud owner of:

So I'm now easier to reach and remember.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Alghalia - Always Giving Back

About a year ago, I heard about a charity event at Cafe Lilou where basically all the proceeds of the day go to a charity.  A group of us decided to go and we were so happy to see bustling tables and large crowds all wanting to contribute to society.  The next month, I heard of a similar day at an Alghalia outlet where all proceeds go to charity.  This is not a once-off event but a recurring one.

Alghalia has got to be one of the most successful group of companies in Bahrain.  But instead of keeping it in the family, the group frequently gives back to the community and have set up a permanent campaign called "Alghalia Gives Back". 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Souq Gourmet hits Riffa

Imagine this for dinner:

Succulent Sage & Sirloin grilled burger, wrapped in lettuce or a sesame bun, topped with Alghalia fresh local greens and and a side of Alghalia juicy mixed cherry tomatoes.  And for dessert, warmed up Vanilla Villain brownies with a side of vanilla ice-cream.

You can find all these brands under one roof.  A roof that goes by the name of Souq Gourmet.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Guiltless Marbled Banana Cake

At my house, we have cake for breakfast.  But before you question my nutritional sensibility, please note that by cake I don't mean chocolate-ganache-slathered-multi-layer-devils-food-cake, but rather - a homemade banana bread (see previous recipe here), or yogurt cake, or even poppy-seed cake.  So it's a healthy nutirious breakfast that satisfies our never-satisfied sweet-tooth and it's a perfect tea-time snack.

Having said that, I am continuously on the quest of finding a healthy, low-fat, low-sugar alternative such that whatever I am having is healthy.

Enter the Marbled Banana Cake.  Combining the delicious flavor of banana with smooth and creamy chocoloate - AND it was healthy.

Allow me to elaborate.

Monday, March 4, 2013

The streets of Manama

I took a stroll down the streets of Manama Saturday night.  We parked the car in the carpark next to the Regency Hotel, and walked over to Bab Albahrain.  This took me back to when my friends and I used to spend our Thursdays walking around the souq and having dinner at McDs.  Ahh how simple life was.

The sights, the sounds, and the ambiance were heartwarming.  They were of the Bahrain I love.  The Bahrain I remember. With no hatred or negativity.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bahrain's First Tablet Magazine

Today was a big day.  An important day.  A day that marked the beginning of startupBahrain - the island's first tablet magazine.