Monday, February 18, 2013

A trip with a nerd

I love surprises.

I hate surprises.

I love surprises when they are gifts, parties, calls, or visits.

And I absolutely hate surprises when I am shocked at how much (or little) is left from a travel budget when I am away.  Careful planning is so essential.  Not only by keeping receipts during your trip and calculating your expenses, but actually pre-planning MONTHS in advance.  That takes patience.  And guts.

Enter the nerd.

I've been the recipient of several nicknames since highschool, some of which I have blocked and a few which I would rather not share.  One that has stuck since then is, believe it or not, nerd.  I take pride in that.  Only a nerd would and I guess that makes me one.

So, I have my excel template available for all of you to see (and make fun of).

You can download it here and then after the laughter subsides, you will realize how essential it is to your life and you will use it.  And you will think I am genius.

So use it, change it, leave it as it is - but do use it because it really puts things in perspective.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Zain, it says invalid link! They still call me a nerd btw :)
    I don't mind it, without nerds we wouldn't hadveall this tech,, smart phones, tablets, the internet! :p