Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bubble-Gum Pink

I don't know about you (my female readers), but a manicure has an immediate affect on my mood and lifts my spirit up in about 2 seconds flat.

I heard about a new product in town - nail gurus Trind have graced Bahrain with their presence and Dessange is one of the salons that stocks up on these products as well as use them in their treatments.

Being a mani-fanatic myself I decided to try out this newcomer and see where it racks up against popular giants like OPI, Essie and CND.

Here we go!

I walk into Dessange and I am greeted with a wonderful aroma and smiling staff - so far so good.  I head down to the spa and again, the service is impeccable.  Courteous staff, bright surroundings, clean floors, refreshing aroma, and overall well-maintained.  The music however seemed neglected as it was playing strange country/rock music off the radio that didn't click with the overall ambiance.

I requested the spa manicure and pedicure which uses Trind products.  I was so excited to try this baby out!

Trind prides itself in providing 'natural' care for nails and I quote "they are based on the natural consistency of the nail, cuticle and hands. Trind products make the nails stronger and beautiful, without disturbing the structure of the nail while nourishing the cuticles and hands".  Great!  So it won't give me any 'quick-fixes' but rather long-lasting and sustainable care.

First things first: choose my polish.  This gorgeous bubble-gum pink.

I was also given a thick menu showing a variety of drinks that they could make me - how thoughtful. Ignore the fact that my coffee choice remains to be boring - irrespective of the options available.  

Also, here's a picture of how horrible my nails were before the mani.  

The steps to the manicure/pedicure are pretty much the same everywhere - cut, file, soak, push cuticles, cut excess...etc.  However, I really like the products they used.  The cuticle cream was simply-put: divine.  It didn't sting, it smelled great, was not oily so it left no sticky residue, and it stayed put.  I hate watery cuticle cream/lotion as it tends to slide off your fingers and you are left with nothing, so when the nail tech starts pushing your cuticles back it actually hurts!

In this case, the pretty little dots were spread evenly around my nail bed and cuticles and the result was a consistent layer of conditioning balm. The nail tech pushed my cuticles and I. Feel. Nothing.  No pain, no irritation, no stinging.  It smells heavenly and feels awesome.

The scrubs and masks were all from the Trind professional line that felt great, were applied smoothly, and smelled wonderful.  The scrub was really good as well - made of sugar and not salt so it didn't irritate my skin.  Yes, we get it - I have highly irritable skin (and temper).  The nail tech then wiped off my hands and feet with soothing hot towels.  I could get used to this...

How clean/fresh do my nails look?  This picture is post-buffing/massaging and right before polish was applied.

How perdy is my polish? This shade was not sheer and showed no 'annoying' streaks when applied.  Two coats was all that was needed to show it's true color.

The treatment all over was definitely a treat - something you could pamper yourself with or even gift someone for a birthday or happy occasion.  Trind felt good on my hands and feet.

Your hands and feet will thank you - trust me.

A spa manicure sets you back BD14. For the spa pedicure it's BD16. Dessange is located in Adliya.  Menu available here.  You can reach them on: +973 17 713 999.

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  1. Pink is always pretty.

    I will definitely head there when my next manicure is due. :)