Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another (mini) DIY Project: A flutter in Sama's Room

This is a short but very effective DIY post.

I recently redid Sama's room.  She is no longer a toddler (insert broken heart here) and so she needs a room fit for the princess that she is.  The bed is classic slash cottage-chic but the wall behind her was bare.  I would have loved to set up a veil-like canopy that drapes from the ceiling onto her bed but getting that cleaned is not my piece of cake plus the amount of dust/germs it would accumulate...well,  you catch my drift.

Paintings are soooo typical, pictures are even more blah, her name stenciled? No. No. No.

I go online (my safe place) and search for wall decals.  I got several options - some were either too cheesy or too specific that it was just asking for a mistake to happen.

Finally, I found these adorable removable/non-damaging white butterflies on Amazon

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They were for $25 and they come in a variety of sizes.  You see more info visit Amazon here.

So I placed the order and within a week it was at my door step.  An hour or so later, Sama's room is adorned with fluttering butterflies, the white contracting perfectly against her blush pink walls.

Simple, safe and immediate picker-upper. Satisfaction guaranteed.