Tuesday, December 18, 2012

When bad skin happens to good people (A very long review - Part II)

My makeup is quite boring.  Not the first thing one should say at the beginning of a post but please do read on.  I use the same type of makeup day in day out.  But I like natural and simple and do get the occasional: "What's your eyeliner?" Or "Your blush is nice!"

I am no makeup know-it-all but I figured I could share my favorite makeup products and maybe you can find something that interests you.
I heart Trish McEvoy

My concealer is pretty creamy and light.  It doesn't cause any lines and it applies smoothly and without any 'marks under a florescent light'.  The 'florescent light' test is so important.  You may think you look amay-zing in your bathroom light, but under a florescent you look almost transvestite-like and you should always readjust your makeup under that kind of lighting.  I find Mac's Select Moisture Cover (I use NC42) perfect and have been using it for years.  Plus back2mac applies to this so you can actually help recycle and get a free lipstick for every 6 returned containers! Yay for the double-benefit.

I am addicted to any sort of tinted moisturizer.  I love the sheer look it provides, and the fact that it adds a hint of color without going OTT.  I used to use Laura Mercier but since Too Faced introduced it's Beauty Balm (which as some long-lasting benefits),  I switched.  It's best to have two shades of tinted moisturizer - a natural one for winter, and a slightly tan one for the summer.  

I finish off my face with a Mac's Studio Fix powder.  Again - I have two shades (summer and winter) and I really suggest you do the same.  Looking tan in winter makes no sense whatsoever, unless you reside in South America or Australia.

Hint-slash-Word of Advice: Ladies, always ensure you have the right shade of makeup.  Going a shade darker when YOU aren't makes you look like this.  So leave the tanning to summer or if you are really desperate then a tanning bed is pretty safe these days.  But stick to your shade and play with the blusher colors - you can really go pale to fresh to glowy.  Use and abuse the expertise the ladies have at Mac and Bobbi Brown - they are trained to give you the right shade.

I love all that is Trish McEvoy.  Her makeup and especially eye makeup is stunning.  Lasts long, doesn't crease, and comes in such vibrant colors that the more you smear, the more color you get.
My favorite shades for eyemakeup, believe it or not, is purple.  I wear it almost daily and it blends so nicely on your skin that adds just the right hint of color without being too much. A really flattering-for-all-tones color is raisin (left).  Another beautiful shade of purple perfect for day'n'night is Ondine by Nars.  This one is a bit less intense but it subtle and beautiful at the same time.

For my mascara, again, I have been using Maybelline's Great Lash since college (please don't calculate).  Maybelline's Great Lash has been consistently ranked the most sold mascara in the world, with one statistic being "1 sold every minute".  It's the perfect daily mascara that lengthens, thickens but does not clump.  I found it being sold at Lulu out of all places but I usually buy mine when I travel or online. The new "BIG" edition is even better than the classic one.  I find "Brownish Black" softer than "Blackest Black" and it's perfect for day and night.

The lady at the Mac store asked me what I used for my eyes and when I told her she told me, flat out, "You are boring." I said: "Convince me." And she sure did!  Mac's new Haute & Naughty mascara comes in a double-wand and can be used lightly or thickly.  Basically, it's customizable and at first, I hestitated, but when I bought it and tried it at home - I loved it.  Perfect for nights out and it DOES NOT CLUMP.  I hate clumpy mascara.

I use eyeliner almost daily, and it varies between pencil (always dark grey) or gel liner.  I found Makeup Forever's Aqua Liner (in Black Sheen) really slides on smoothly and stays put.  For my gel liner, it's Bobbi Brown in Sepia Ink (a dark brown shade).  Make sure to use their liner brush - it is consistently good.  All were purchased in Bahrain.

There are two blushers I use, no surprise, for YEARS.  One is a very neutral rose and the other a refreshing coral.  Mac's Prism is my all-time favorite followed very closely by Nars' Orgasm.  The Mac color gives you nice contouring and adds color to your face.  The Nars color adds some slight shimmer and really perks up your skin.

So yeah, I don't user lipliner unless it's for red lipstick. And again, I use the same lipbalm since I was in college.  It's lipsmacker and it's smells amazing.  Not only that - but it really does prep the skin before the lipstick and doesn't dry out your skin for long-wear.  It's not too sticky, not too thick - just right.  I buy mine off Amazon.  My most favorite lipstick of all-time is Mac's See Sheer.  I tend to spends a good 20 minutes by the Mac counter and when I think I found the perfect shade - it always turns out to by See Sheer.  It's adds just the right amount of color and suits all skin tones.

Bobbi Brown also carry GREAT lipsticks that last long and come in a variety of colors.  Their creamy lip color (right) is one of my favorite lines.

One day walking around in Seef mall, I was feeling adventurous  and thought I'd branch out from my usual coral/peach lipstick shades.  I got lured into a Faces boutique and saw some new colors by Chanel.  I tend to stick to Bobbi Brown/Mac and never actually tried Chanel - but honestly - I LOVE IT.  The line is called Rouge Allure and the shade is  Coromandel.  GET IT NOW.  It's a beautiful coralish-red and if it suit my tone it would suit yours.  Perfect for medium to tan skin.

Three letters that sum it up really - O.P.I.  No matter what brand I try (mostly because that's all the salon carries) - I always resort back to taking my own OPI polish.  I find that OPI has the most beautiful shades, they apply evenly and not too transparent such that you need 6 coats to really see the color, the last, and don't chip very easily.  My favorite shade? Strawberry Margarita.  Beautiful.  Refreshing,  energizes you in the hot summer, and adds a bit of color to cold winter days.  OPI is available in Nazih.

But, no polish is good enough without a proper top coat.  Again, I have tried many brands but found Seche Vite to be, without a doubt, the best topcoat ever manufactured.  It's fast drying and really protects your polish from chipping.  What I like about it the most is that it makes your polish look freshly done - glossy and wet.  Last I checked I think Nazih carries this brand.

Now take it all off:
There are 2 basic products I use to remove all the above.  An eye makeup remover that is so efficient it needs to be ISO certified.  No rubbing necessary.  It removes mascara perfectly with minimal panda-eye aftermath.
After my eyes are done I just take a wipe and gently rub it all over my face and neck.  It's perfect for home and travel.  I used to use makeup remover and then toner to remove any residue and frankly I started getting lazy and skipping on the toner.  But with this wipe, it does it all.

And that folks, is a wrap.  These products have been tried and tested (incessantly at times) and have survived extreme Bahraini weather.  Hope you find this post useful.


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  2. Absolutely LOVED this post Zain. I'm addicted to Nars' products. That blush is amazing and I got a new one this year, Deep Throat, and the colour is great!

    I'm always afraid of what kind of lipstick actually suits my skin tone and actually looks good and not too bright/weird. That's why I always stick to Bobbi Brown's light colours. I seriously need to speak the people who work at Bobbie Brown. I'm still quite the novice at makeup, I only ever put an effort for parties/weddings which actually turn quite nice but I need to work on daily application.

    ANYWAY. I rambled a bit. The Mac's Select Moisture Cover, do you use it on just the spots that need it? And then a tinted moisturiser on top? Does one need to apply a compact powder after the moisturiser?

    Thanks Ms Zain :P

    - Haya (pausette) :)

    1. Love rambling so please feel free :) Will definitely try to get my hands on the new Nars color - I'm so sad Sephora stopped carrying that brand.

      Try out See Sheer from Mac - I have a feeling it will suit you real nice and be a perfect pop of color (not too much - just right).

      And for the Select Moisture Cover I use it as needed - so under eyes and if there are any discolorations. But because it's so light it doesn't cover blemishes too well. For blemishes you need a thick cream (which Bobbi Brown carries) or the blemish stick by Clinique (which I personally love).

      As for tinted moisturizer, I usually use it on its own. But for humid days (or if my skin isn't behaving), then I dab a bit of powder around my t-zone. Hope this help Ms. Haya ;)

  3. You must try " Off your face" cleansing cloths, from Soap&Glory at Boots...its AMAZING