Saturday, December 29, 2012

Not so niño Nino - A Review

It's not usually on top of our list but whenever we do go we realize, "Why isn't it?"

We always have a good experience at Nino.  Always.

Let me start with the bread basket.  Their bread is baked fresh daily and it is the most delicious bread basket you can find around here.

The balsamic vinegar and olive oil placed on each table is top-notch.  I like to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese (also placed on the table) on my side plate and drizzle some balsamic vinegar to make the perfect bread dip.  Yum.

The food is consistently good with a large variety of items to choose from - I usually take a few minutes to read through the 20ish pages of menu.  It is also one of the few restaurants in Bahrain that actually has a 'weight management menu' - perfect for those watching their weight.

They don't have a kids menu, however so many items on their menu are perfect for kids - risotto, mini burgers, pizza, and my kids' favorite: the chicken tenders.  It is actually a hot appetizer but I order it as my kids' entrees.  And Oh. My. God are they tender.  Any other restaurant claiming their tenders are tender are blatantly lying.  Nino on the other hand - mean it.  It's crusted with Parmesan cheese and served with chunky fries and two sauces.  It's lemony, juicy and has the perfect crunchy crust.  Confession: I look forward to their leftovers.

I ordered their grilled chicken (a healthy dish) and my husband ordered the crab-avocado salad.  Both dishes were really delicious - crisp greens, not so mayonnaise-y crab, refreshing dressing (we replaced the normal dressing with a mayo-free one).  The grilled chicken was juicy and the side vegetables were grilled and crunchy.  I apologize for not taking any pictures - we were both hungry and dove right in.

Their fresh juices and mocktails are pretty impressive too - offering some delicious mixes and unusual blends.

One thing I've never tried is their desserts.  Although I'm sure with such a comprehensive and delicious menu the dessert will by anything but.

Ambiance is very important to me.  And the music is one of the best on the island - always playing surprising mixes not found on mainstream radio.  Housy tunes mixed in with R&B and even Arabic.

One minor issue I seem to always face is the amount of flies  - they are permanent guests and are quite bothersome.

The service is excellent when it's not so full.  When it's full, then expect delays.  The staff are friendly and know the menu well - which is so important when you are faced with "I-want-everything" syndrome.

All in all, I need to embed Nino in my mind so that when I am at a loss for restaurant choices, I head to Nino.  And honestly, so should you.

Info on restaurant:
Phone: 17566555
Opening hours: all week, 11am to midnight
Average bill (2 adults, 2 children): BD20
Website: couldn't find any other than their Facebook page here

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