Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nes-lay Toolooose (Lulu Finds - A Cookie Adventure Take 2)

Some of you might get this. But if you watched that Friends episode where Phoebe thinks her french grandmother's recipe is a legacy then realizes it's Nestle Tollhouse, you'll get my title.

So today I decided to dig into my chip-stash (see previous post) and chose the Tollhouse 6-oz semi-sweet chocolate chips.

I tried the recipe on the back of the plastic bag. Only adjustment I made was sprinkle a teaspoon of good quality instant coffee. I find it gives a really "what is that?" taste and keeps your testers guessing.

You can find the recipe on Nestle's website here but my recipe is actually half of this because I had the 6oz bag (makes an even 30 cookies) as opposed to the normal-sized bag that yields about 60.  I make my cookie balls about an inch-and-a-half wide and I find them to be the perfect size when baked.

Small sized dough ball mean shorter baking teams which meaaaaans: perfectly baked, crunchy-outisde-chewy-inside cookies (also smaller serving sizes and hence less calories).

The cookies came out really good but I found them to be a bit sweeter than other recipes.  My kids on the other hand loved them.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Baking tip #1: Don't skip on the salt.  Some recipes call for a lot of salt (this one was half a teaspoon so the full recipe would need one entire teaspoon).  The contrast of the salt brings out the sweetness of the chocolate and just intensified the whole cookie experience.  Trust me.  Salt is good.

Baking tip #2: If you are watching your sugar intake, Splenda have a really good brown/white sugar substitute that works PERFECTLY with baked goods.  Splenda is made of real sugar and doesn't contain any harmful Aspartame.  I actually did a lot of research on sweeteners when I was pregnant with my first and found Splenda to be the best option.  And no, this PSA is not sponsored by Splenda.

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