Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's from a box...

When you have very little time to prepare for guests - sometimes 'a box' is all you need to whip something quick and delicious up.

With the temperature dropping, taste buds tend to lean towards desserts with ingredients like cinnamon, sweet potato, pumpkin and allspice. 

Today was no exception.  One of my favorite Duncan Hines flavor is the Spice Cake. 

I LOVE Duncan Hines (Betty Crocker's sworn nemesis) and usually find it stocked at Lulu Hypermarket.  I always make sure I have fudge brownie and cake mixes stocked in my pantry.  My daughter sometimes has the urge to bake cupcakes and just in case I don't have enough flour that day I always have my cakemix on standby.

I love the Spice cake - it tastes homemade and smells of winter.  Whenever I see it on the shelf I pop my hand in and push out ALL THE BOXES.  So incase you go to Lulu and don't find it - I apologize (I frequent Lulu Riffa so feel free to check out its other locations).

And yes even if it's from a box please don't refrain from making it your own.  What I like to do (to all cake/brownie mixes) is to sprinkle in my own ingredient.  Just make sure you follow the instructions and then customize away! 

In this case - I added toasted pecans and flax seed.  Flax seed is my secret weapon.  I sprinkle it almost anything I can - muffins, pancakes, meat sauces - you name it!  It's fairly tasteless but the benefits - oh my God.  (Read more about them here on WebMD).

I like to bake in a loaf pan - it's less messy and with one box I use two loaf pans so the cakes come out short and not heavy - perfect if you are watching your calories.

The result: delicious, spongy, healthy, nutty, and a healthier cake.

Tip #1: I always use cholesterol-free canola oil instead of vegetable oil.  It's better for your heart.
Tip #2: Other  really good flavors from Duncan Hines are: Red Velvet cake, Dark Chocolate Fudge brownie, French Vanilla cake and Strawberry cake.

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