Monday, December 17, 2012

Fresh Air is Good for the Soul

When I feel fidgety in the office, I step out for some fresh air - irrespective of what the weather is like.  When my kids are restless at home, I take them out for a walk or to the park to play in the dirt and de-stress.  Common denominator: fresh air.

My grandmother (may her soul rest in peace) always told me: fresh air makes you sleep better.  And boy is she right.

Even if you are out for 15 minutes - the effect of fresh, crisp air has on you is priceless.  I googled "the benefits of fresh air" and the results were staggering: good for digestion, cleanses your lungs, makes you happier, energizes you, improves your sleep - and the list goes on and on.

For me, it's serenity, clarity and rejuvenation.  For my kids, it's a break in routine, it's running free, and most importantly - it's sleeping better :)

With the weather being beautiful these days, you have absolutely no excuse whatsoever to stay cooped up indoors.

So get out and stay out - and soak up the fresh air and sun!

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