Monday, December 10, 2012

Don't forget the cow and the banana!

A typical phrase heard in my household.  Rush hour is literally an hour of intense 'rush' that starts at 6am and after a flurry of hugs and orders, we shuffle into the car at 7am and start our day.  For my daughter, it's a constant, "Eat our cereal", "Wear your socks", "Wash your hands", "Eat your cereal", "Eat your cereal", "Eat your cereal".  All the while my toddler son is running around the house with one sock on his foot, the other on his hand, vest unsnapped and a handful of raisins in his un-socked hand.  All headless chickens.  

Every single one of us.  Yet our lack of synchronization actually gets us all out of the house in an hour - so crazy works.  In my house.

This is a picture of how we look like in the morning:

However, irrespective of how spontaneous this all seems, some sort of planning does go into our morning.  I plan my daughter's school lunchbox and the breakfasts for both me and my husband the day before.  All outfits for that day are pre-ironed and ready.  Shoes are cleaned in advance.  And for breakfast, it's pretty much a dictatorship.  I dictate what they have and that's that.  Otherwise it would be a lengthy decision-making process that we frankly don't have time for. After school bags are prepacked, iPad precharged, DVDs prepacked.  We love pre.  In fact, we can't live without pre.  Or else, everything will fall apart.

 In fact, because I didn't prepack my car keys in my handbag, I actually started my car today, and then left without my key.  See proof below.  Had to keep my car running until my savior/husband brought me my spare key.

So yes - planning is preferred because without it - well, you drive without your carkeys.

PS I am currently teaching my son about animals aaaand he has a stomach bug.  Hence the "cow and the banana".

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